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Round Tables

Monday Jan. 31st Digital styles and forms
Tuesday Feb. 1stTV on the Internet: a mass medium or an alternative form of communication?
Wednesday Feb. 2nd Students meeting : Discovering new talents


Ombrelle MEDIA

MEDIA Programme - A European Union Programme

For the first time this year, 20 European producers specialising in computer graphics production (feature films, medium and short films, TV series) will be attending Imagina Paris, thanks to the support of the MEDIA Programme, Imagina's partner for the past 4 years. The twenty stands will be grouped together in a special area under the sign: "MEDIA Programme - A European Union programme". By this initiative, MEDIA and Imagina intend to support European computer graphics, and to lay the foundations for the first computer graphics market in Europe.

Information and registration ( Before December 31)


For the first time, visitors to Imagina Paris will be able to screen in full the productions to be voted on by the Prix-Pixel INA jury. There will also be an opportunity to enjoy the best productions of the last fifteen years, to mark the anniversary of the Prix Pixel-INA awards.

Prizes and evening events in partnership with Films action

Imagina is hosting, for the second year running, the awards ceremony for the Prix Action Nouveaux Talents Indépendants, on February 4th, 6PM. These awards, organised on the initiative of the company Films Action, are made to European independent authors. Young European talents who have not registered for the "schools, universities and computer graphics training institutes" categories may of course take part. Students may enter on an individual basis, with work done outside their educational establishment. Specifically, they may not present projects marking the end of their study courses, but these may be entered in the "Students" category of the Prix Pixel-INA.Through this initiative, Imagina wishes to encourage independent talents in the European countries.


Following on from last year, the workshops will add an extra dimension in Paris, and enable professionals to gain a deeper insight into the new tools available. The full workshop programme will be unveiled at the Imagina 2000 press conference.

Students Meeting
Thursday Feb. 3rd, afternoon
Moving from studies to professional life

Meet the artists who have been awarded prizes at past editions of Imagina.

After several months of professional life, the former students give their views and share their experience. Which jobs were they offered? Did reality live up to their expectations? These are questions many students are asking themselves, and they will find detailed answers here. There will also be an opportunity of seeing once again the best students' productions.

Special events

Médiangles : Press conference on a study of the impact of broadband.

Wednesday, February 2nd - Salle Bordeaux
Digital Video (DV) is revolutionizing the industry!

With QuickTime 4, the standard for digital video and media streaming, Apple is again leading the revolution. With a new set of QuickTime-based solutions for video, Apple will demonstrate a complete workflow for digital video production, post-production and delivery. A number of recognized professionals will illustrate applications in the area of digital video editing,, and multiple media delivery like broadcast, DVD video and Web streaming.

Register now at : www.apple.com/fr

Panel discussions

SCAM round table

New technology applications in the documentary and scientific film, and the new prospects that they open up. This discussion between a panel of directors and producers will feature a number of documentaries in which computer graphics play a key role. It will lead to a debate on the issue of "authors/producers faced with new technologies" (from computer graphics to DV and the Home Studio).

SACD Multimedia round table

Emotion and interactivity. Which types of emotion are generated in interactive productions? Why are some emotions extensively treated in music, cinema and literature missing in multimedia productions? Authors and creators of games, CD-ROMs, Web sites and interactive comic books exploring original approaches will take part. They will present demonstrations of their creations and answer questions.

Mass Media round table

Changing trends in the post-production professions. In 1999, "Mass Media"(the Business Guide for the AV Sector)published a study entitled "Challenges and strategies for the French technical industries, from shooting to post-production". F. de Saint Exupéry will chair a discussion on this issue by representatives of trade federations, human resource directors, technical directors and heads of recruitment companies specialising in the new media.

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