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3-D and interactive techniques

Tuesday Feb. 1st morning
Immersive + Interactive = the new dimension

Since the first appearance of head-mounted displays, the various immersive systems have achieved extraordinary progress, enabling Virtual Reality to be fully incorporated in our everyday life, both in work and leisure activities. Systems such as CAVE, Reality Center, Vision Dome and Immersive Desk enable whole groups of people to share the same sensations and compare their experiences. The latest large format installations include interactivity and make these technologies more spectacular than ever before.

Moderator :
John Vince, University of Bournemouth


- Silicon Graphics Inc, Afshad Mistri, Director of Market Development
Digital Revolution and Interactivity: how the digital revolution has changed the way we all think in art, science and education.

- De Pinxi, Philppe Chiwy, President
VR in immersive and interactive theatre : the bridge between movie and videogame experiences.

- American Museum of Natural History, Dennis Davidson, Project Manager, Creative Director
Presentation of "Digital Galaxy Project", the first-ever virtual planetarium.

- F.A.B.R.I.CATORS, Franz Fischnaller, President
From Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality: the twilight zone between reality and virtuality. Presentation of Kali Interactive, Tracking the Net, Pinocchio Interactive, Robots' Avatars Dealing with Virtual Illusions and CICOV.

- ZA Production, Maurice Benayoun, multimedia explorateur artist
"Crossing talks communication rafting": two levels of interactivity (CAVE and Intenet) for collective navigation

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Tuesday Feb. 1st afternoon
From game design to interactive filming

Professionals are seeing the limits imposed by hardware fade, with the advent of the Sega Dreamcast (128 bits), the development of Sony's Playstation II and the Nintendo Dolphin, the accelerating speed and computing power of the new processors (such as the Pentium III 820 MHz), and the arrival of the latest generation of Macintosh computers. An opportunity for Imagina to present the very latest game design tools. And to explore the new narrative possibilities opened up for game creators.

Moderator :
Pascal Guenée, editor-in-chief of Pixel.


- Intel Content Group, François Piednoël, Application Engineer
A panorama of developments incorporating the latest generation of 3-D real time engines.

- Motion Factory, Ron WOOD
New real-time animation tools for PC, consoles and the Internet.

- Mathengine, Alan Milosevic, CEO
New engines for game development.

- Mindscape, Jordan Mechner, Creator, Director.
Shooting a film, shooting a game; or how movie techniques can be combined with interactive techniques.

- No Cliché, Frédéric Raynal, President.
New machines and new perspectives.

- Sega AM2, Yu Suzuki, Author of Shenmue
"Shenmue", an interactive film for Dreamcast.

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