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3-D and interactive techniques

Monday Jan. 31st morning
When Reality meets Virtuality

Virtual Reality applications are challenging the frontiers of reality in household applications. The techniques of augmented reality have shown how human perceptions can be developed beyond their natural limits. The latest research shows that the interactive synchronisation of real and virtual worlds is a solution which opens up as yet unexplored possibilities. The combination of the two techniques transcends visual perception and is fostering a genuine revolution in many fields of application. Mixed reality shared or composite, a combination of augmented reality and augmented virtuality, will be presented for the first time.

Stéphan Faudeux, editor in chief, Sonovision


- Art+com, Joachim Sauter, professor , Virtual Car

- HITL, University of Washington, Mark Billinghurst, "Shared Space" application

- Mixed Reality Systems Laboratory, Hideyuki Tamura, Senior Managing Director
The first laboratory to develop mixed reality applications.

- MIT-Medialab, John Underkoffler, Researcher
RealWorld Graphics in "The Luminous Room".

- Université de Tokyo, Michitaka Hirose, Professor
Virtual technology and its contents.

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Monday Jan. 31st afternoon
From artificial life to online worlds

In 1983 David Crane (Pitfall), launched a title enabling the user to observe the life of a character in a house with no front wall. Today, artificial intelligence engines mean that computer-generated characters can adopt behaviour patterns not planned by their creators. The computing power of the latest generation of consoles and microprocessors is achieving something that seemed impossible just two years ago: a transition to hyperrealistic games.


- Microïds, Didier Poulain, VP, Development
Artificial intelligence in Antz.

- Cyberlife, Toby Simpson, Chief Technical Officer
New developments at Creatures Lab Online.

- Duran Duboi, Pascal Herold, Chairman and CEO
Mendel technology: from on-line games to real time-sports coverage.

- Georgia Institute of Technology, Thad Starner, Assistant Professor of Computing, College of Computing
Games and Wearable Computers.

- ATR Media Integration and Communications Laboratories, Naoko Tosa, Ph.D., Artist and Researcher
Virtual Romeo and Juliet, or virtual theatre games.

- MAXIS, Jamie Doornbos, The Sims behavior engine co-responsible
Algorythms and tehnics for high level control over character animation.

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