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Radio/Television and the Internet

Tuesday Feb. 1st morning
From Web pages to Web programmes

Static Web pages are already becoming outdated, now that technical advances are transposing and transforming the TV model on the Internet. The mushrooming hyperspecialised microchannels, very low budget production, the skyrocketing of audiovisual portals, and the appearance of new forms of interactive programmes, are just a few facets of the expanding universe of Web TV.

Moderator :
Eric Duval-Valachs, Radiofrance Multimédia


- den.net, David Neuman, President
Digital Entertainment Network - offering strongly interactive programs that hybrid TV and the Web.

- canalweb.net, Jacques ROSSELIN, CEO
The strategy of this AV portal, and prospects for developing and transforming AV media on the Net.

- JV TV, Sébastien Lubrano, Creator
Presentation of projects of the games microchannel. JV TV became famous doing interviews inside virtual worlds.

- hereandnow.net, Eric Vidal, President and Creator
Web sitcom with 9 parallel cameras in the homes of the various protagonists. Offering continuous access and edited archives.

- NTV Factory, Nathalie Fourcade, President and CEO Audiovisual and Internet : perspectives from NTV.

- nirvanet.net, Pascal Joseph, Editor-in-chief, Nirvanet
A world reference in cyberculture, and one of the first sites to incorporate an AV dimension with Nirva(not)TV.

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Tuesday Feb. 1st afternoon
From Hollywood to microcinema

Will the next Star Wars film be shown on the networks like thousands of other microcinema films? The dispersion of audiences and revenues over a large number of screens spreads production budgets, and gives rise to new creation, distribution and promotion models. Interactivity is also impacts the way some films are conceived.

Laurin Herr, Vice-President, Strategic Development, Desktop Products, Pinnacle Systems Inc.


- thebitscreen.com, Nora Barry, President of Druid Media.
The Bit Screen delivers a weekly selection of first-run Internet films and Web series. "Best of" available on Broadcast.com.

- microcinema.com, Joel Bachar, founder
A site dedicated to filmmakers and curators devoted to the microcinema and alterna-venue revolution.

- atomfilms.com, Doug Davis, European Sales Director
Online distribution of a selection of shorts. Strategic partnerships with HBO, Sundance Channel, and Warner Bros.

- ifilm.net, Rodger Raderman, founder and CEO
Across genres clearing house with some 270 shorts and rated audience reviews .

- chman.com, Sebastien Kochman, CEO
New forms of audiovisual content for the Web: animated series, entertainment shows and online games.

- videofarm.com, Michael Samoilov, President and CEO
An innovative online service enabling remote editing and storage of AV programmes.

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