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Radio/Télévision and The Internet

Wednesday Feb. 2nd morning
News in the new media

With the mushrooming of sources, both direct or processed, profiling access, searching or browsing in information banks, moves by major media to capture all screens, and the emergence of rich media (3-D simulation, interactive maps and computer animation), the new media are radically transforming relationships to the news.

Michel Colonna d'Istria, Editor, libération.com


- Quokka.com, Gerardo Seeliger, Managing Director, Quokka Europe
Internet sports channel, mixing sources, with realtime interactivity, including professional telemetrics.

- Radio France Multimédia, Michel Polacco, Director of Development
The stakes and strategies of Radio France's multimedia deployment.

- FTPresse, François Vadrot, Chairman and CEO.

- MIT Medialab, Walter Bender, NIF Research Program Director
The News in the Future (NiF) research consortium explores and exploits technologies that will affect the collection and dissemination of news.

- Itélévision (Canal+), Christian Dutoit, General manager
ITelevision, the new information channel based on a fully digital production system.

- CNN, Kevin Ivey, VP - Strategic planning and Advanced projects
Challenges of digital convergence and multiple delivery strategies of the famous world news channel.

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Wednesday Feb. 2nd afternoon
Does Interactivity compete with Programming?

What future for "programming schedule" and prime-time concepts when on-demand consultation through the Internet grows and channel multiplexes increase?

Moderator: Corinne Mégy, INA


- CSA, Pierre Wiehn, member
The father of French-style generalist TV view on the new diffusion contexts.

- TF1, Laurent Fonnet, Director of Programming
The largest European broadcaster faces up to the risk of audience break-up and fragmentation.

- chello broadband France, Guy Boselli, Managing Director
The audience development strategy of the number one European broadband portal.

- France télévision numérique, Patrick Ballarin, Director
Development of new thematic formats and new interactive services of the public national broadcaster.

- Interneto, Pascale Paolini, VP
Development of the French information portal on the Internet.

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