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Radio/Télévision andt the Internet

Monday Jan. 31th morning
From zapping to smart programming

The interactivity available to the general public over the digital networks is dramatically changing behaviour patterns and modes of consumption. New technical systems are leading to new multimedia service formats, new forms of organisation and new economic models. This session focusses on a panel of platforms and technologies which are shaping this new interactive hypermedia environment, at the confluence between TV and the Web.

Serge Siritzky, Publisher, Ecran Total


- TPS (Télévision Par Satellite), Alain Staron, Director, Multimedia Services Division
The ultimate portal: latest developments in creating interactive television "à la française".

- La Cinquième - BPS, Pierre-François Découflé, Director
Developments and perspectives of BPS, an on-demand bank for audiovisual programmes and services.

- INA, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Bruno Bachimont, Director of Prospective Research
Developments and results of the European R&D project EURODELPHES, a hypervideo multicultural history handbook based on audiovisual archives.

- Philips Consumer Electronics, Georg Luetteke, DVB-MHP Chairman
DVB et Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)

- Mate - Media Access Technologies, Dr. Itzhak Wilf, President and CEO
A highly innovative video search engine for the search and retrieval of audiovisual information, based on automatic image and sound analysis.

- Institut Eurecom, Bernard Merialdo, Associate Professor
Presentation of research work on Multimedia Indexing for construction of personalised TV programs

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Monday Jan. 31th afternoon
From broadcasting to intercasting

The boundary between the concepts of Internet customisation and thematic TV channel organisation is fading with the increasing importance of interactivity in new programmes. The emerging complementarity between the Internet and TV is based on the formation of increasingly targetted communities, but where do the limits lie?

Xavier Dalloz, President, Institut Eurecom


- Apple Europe, Oren Ziv, Marketing Director - Creative Markets "Quicktime and the future of live content on the Internet".

- Groupe Vivendi, Cécile Moulard, Internet Strategy head of mission, Executive Management, Vivendi.
Long-term strategy and issues of converging technologies and content inside a Media Group.

- Carnegie Mellon University, Howard Wactlar, Head of Research
The Informedia Digital Video Library research programme, automatically populated by encoding, segmenting, and indexing data.

- Illumination TV, John Wyver, President
"Inhabited Television" - the combination of 3-D worlds with broadcasting. Presentation of the "Ages of Avatar" project

- Spiderdance, Tracy Fullerton, CEO and President
Development of mass-participation online programming, synchronized and tightly integrated with television broadcasters like MTV.

- MIT-Media Lab, Flavia Sparacino, Researcher & Artist
Wearable Television, or how to relate physical spaces with a virtual information space using wearable computing and 3-D browsing.

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