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Finance, the Internet and innovation

Three round tables, open to all participants, will bring together business leaders, financiers and private and public sector experts specialising in particular types of financing for specific stages in the development of projects or start-ups. In order to trace the life cycle of the projects, from the development of an idea in the "laboratory" up to flotation on the stock market, including intermediate private financing, the discussions will focus on the three main financing modes.

Moderator :
Jean-Jérôme Bertolus, international reporter, Le Nouvel Économiste

Public institutional financing
Monday jan. 31st afternoon

In partnership with Magelis Pôle Image Angoulême

What types of aid is available, in what context, for what purpose, and subject to which restrictions ? What are the differences in type, objective and amount between European, national and local public sector financing ? How are the aids used, and do they fully meet the needs of developers in the initial stages of projects ? The panel will include heads of national public aid programmes from several European countries, European Commission representatives and leaders of local and regional initiatives.


  • Patrick CORSI, European Commission, DG Information Society, Belgium
  • Michel ROMAND-MONNIER, Director, Audiovisual Media and Film Industries, CNC, France
  • Guy EMOND, Coordinator, Office for New Economy Development, Quebec Finance Ministry, Canada
  • Alain MAGNAN, Chief Executive Officer, Charente Développement, France
  • Emmanuel CAQUOT, Director, Information Industries and Technologies and the Post Office, at the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, France
  • Isabelle BOURGEOIS, Research Representative for the Centre d'Information et de Recherche sur l'Allemagne Contemporaine (CIRAC), France

Private initial capital financing
Tuesday Feb. 1st morning

In partnership with BusinessAngels.com

What are the specific roles of venture capitalists, business angels and investment funds ? At what point is a project considered to be mature enough to attract private initial financing, and which are the key criteria leading to this assessment ? Are there parameters which explain the difference between a project and a financing scheme which succeed, and a project which runs into difficulties ? Collectively speaking, which would be the right direction to take in order to avoid missing good projects, and avoid launching projects which have little chance of success ? The points of view of business leaders who have already carried out an initial financing round will be compared with those of venture capital professionals, investment fund managers and business angels.


  • Eric GAILLAT, Co-President, Businessangels.com, France
  • Antoine VALDES, President of Directorate, AGF Private Equity, France
  • Diane SEGALEN, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles, France
  • François HELT, President of DUST, France
  • Michel MEYER, President of Multimania, France
  • Cédric CURTIL, Investment Manager, Viventures, France
  • Régis TURRINI, Manager, ARJIL & Associés Banque, France

Financing through the financial markets
Wednesday feb. 2nd morning

How can a decision be made about the right time to introduce a start-up on to the stock exchange ? Are the procedures required always the same from one financial market to another ? Do some procedures providing greater protection for the initiators, private investors or stock markets ? Are the new European markets equivalent to each other, and are they competitive with the American market ? To debate these issues, Imagina will bring together directors of listed companies, heads of several stock markets and acknowledged IPO experts, to consider not only the financial aspects but also the legal matters raised by these operations.


  • Philippe GUGLIELMETTI, President of Intégra, France
  • Philippe COSTE, Head of Economic Expansion Unit, San Francisco, USA
  • Dominique LEBLANC, Chief Executive Officer, Parisbourse, France
  • Pascal de MOIDREY, Partner, Latournerie Wolfrom & Associés, France
  • Marine TREPPOZ, Vice-Manager, Viventures, France
  • Xavier SCHALLEBAUM, Partner Manager, Apollo Invest, France

Presentation of business plans
Tuesday Feb. 1st afternoon

In partnership with BusinessAngels.Com and Magelis Pôle Image Angoulême

Eight start-ups with a strong growth potential have been selected by the organizers and by BusinessAngels.Com, Imagina's partner. This selection is the result of an on-line call for projects, specifically issued as part of Imagina 2000.

  • ARTS VIDEO INTERACTIVE : On-line and off-line hypervideo
  • NETDOIT : High velocity 3D virtual community
  • CLIO DESIGN : Off-line and on-line games of strategy
  • DUST : Digital restoration of films
  • QUELLE DROLE D'IDEE : Generation of 3D images from satellite datas
  • 4G TECH EUROPE : Acceleration of web servers
  • CYBER ACT : Animation and management of cyber-actors
  • ADIICT : Interactive Television on the Internet

The eight business plans selected, which will be presented on Tuesday 1st February from 2:00 p.m. to 6 p.m., is a real opportunity and development lever for the audiovisual start-ups and high- tech companies of tomorrow.

The great majority of the projects selected will never before have been presented to the public.
For investors, this presentation of business plans focussed on digital audiovisual technology and the Internet provides a source of new development potential.

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