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Digital styles and forms
Monday Jan 31st, afternoon

Round table in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Like any other technology used for creative purposes, digital technologies are not mere neutral media onto which content is transferred. On the contrary, they provide creators with a new challenge. By making totally unprecedented products possible, and offering new approaches such as interactivity and generativity, they make creators aware of the need to invent new styles for which rules have not been laid down. This is the issue to be explored in this round table.

TV on the Internet: a mass medium or an alternative form of communication?
Tuesday Feb. 1st, morning

Round table in partnership with Le Monde diplomatique

The networks have shattered the frontiers of traditional communication. The mass media are no longer enough; each company, each citizens' group, each fan club can now organise and supply its own medium. Will "interactive television" on the Internet prove to be just a transposition of the existing form of TV, refusing to break away from mass media culture? Or could it become a rich source of alternative media?

Alain Gresh, editor-in-chief, Le Monde diplomatique, will moderate the debate.

Students meeting
Discovering new talents
Wednesday Feb. 2nd, morning

Meet the students whose productions have been selected to compete for the Prix Pixel-INA. Each student has 15 minutes to present his/her work and state his/her objectives in moving into professional life. This meeting will be extended by a "Student special" round table in Paris. This second meeting with students will be attended by the winners of earlier Imagina competitions, who will describe their career progress since leaving their school.

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