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Last Edition

Imagina celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Prix Pixel-INA!

The official selection.

The results of the Competition.

In the space of 15 years, the "Prix Pixel-INA" awards have become a touchstone of the state of the art and of worldwide production in computer graphics and special effects.

The official selection jury

The productions are presented to the public in selected categories over the course of the first two evenings. This Official Selection is assembled by a specialized jury, composed as follows:

  • David ARNOLD, Professor of Computing Science, School of Information Systems, University of East Anglia, United Kindom
  • Juan TOMICIC, General Manager, Spainbox/Daiquiri company, Spain
  • CharlElie COUTURE, artist, France
  • Suzanne JASCHKO, Chief Curator, Transmediale 2000 &endash; International Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany
  • Blandine NICOLAS, in charge of New technologies, Centre national de la cinématographie (CNC), France

The Official Selection of the Prix Pixel-INA will be presented to the public on the evenings of January 31st, February 1st 2000 in Monaco. The public is invited to vote for the Prix Pixel-INA in each category. The Award Ceremony will take place on February 2nd during the final Imagina Evening.

Awards attributed by the audience

  • Art: works with a strong artistic content and outstanding aesthetic originality.
  • Schools & Universities : works by students.
  • Cinema/television special effects : cinematographic works or videograms incorporating visual or special effects made with computer graphics or advanced digital processing techniques.
  • Fiction (short films and feature films): works with a clear narrative structure.
  • Credits and channel logos : credit and logo sequences made using computer graphics.
  • Games (intros and kinematics): only game intros and kinematics will be judged.
  • Theme parks : works specially made for theme parks.
  • Advertising: commercials made using computer graphics techniques.
  • Animation series: a pilot or episode of a series. The quality of the screenplay will be taken into account.
  • Science (simulation, visualisation, research): works concerned with simulation, data base exploration and the visualisation of scientific or architectural phenomena.
  • Music Video: music-based clips incorporating computer graphics or special effects sequences.

An endowment of FF 30,000 will be granted to the "Prix Pixel-INA" winner in the "Schools & Universities" category. This endowment has been created by friends and relatives of Alain Guiot, the founder of Videosystem and Medialab, to continue his efforts to support young people committing themselves to new fields of activity with a rich future.

Awards attributed by the jury

  • The Grand Prix Imagina
  • The Prix Pixel-INA 3-D Relief

The jury can also award the following "Prix Pixel-INA":

  • Best Lighting
  • Best Virtual Character
  • Best Script
  • Research

Awards attributed by the partners

  • The Prix Media Internet

This prize, awarded by a jury of network and on-line computer graphics specialists, is for the European Web Site with the most innovative graphics and imaging.

  • The Prix SACD

This prize is awarded for an innovative work in terms of narration, creation and production.

  • The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM

This prize is awarded to a French computer graphics artist for a highly personal creation.

  • The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM "Jeune talent"

This prize is awarded to a student artist.

  • The Alain Guiot Endowment

New awards this year


IMAGINA is collaborating this year with the Festival International du Film de l'Internet (FIFI). The IMAGINA/FIFI is awarded to the best work of animation created for the Internet. The online voting for the IMAGINA/FIFI award will take place from January 15th to January 30th, 2000 on the following Web site: http://www.internet-film.org/

  • The Prix Pixel-INA Internet

This prize, awarded by a jury of network and on-line computer graphics specialists, is for the Web site with the most innovative graphics and imaging.

  • The Prix Pixel-INA 3-D Relief

A programme of selected stereoscopic computer graphics films will be shown to the Imagina audience. A Video room will be used exclusively for these 3-D Relief projections.

  • The Fnac and "Love in the year 2000"

Prizes are awarded to six artists under 35 years of age, having produced an animated or still production on the theme of Love.

  • Screening of the international productions

Important note

Concerning the 3-D Relief category: for this first year, all productions made in relief will be accepted for the competition, regardless of the year of production.

The projection room will be equipped with two complementary video projectors, used in conjunction with a right eye/left eye passive orthogonal polarization system.


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