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Orientation committee

  • David Arnold, Professor of Computing Science, University of East Anglia
  • Michel Ayel, Vice-President, New Technologies, Philips
  • Jacques Barsac, Deputy CEO,Vice-President SCAM
  • Guy Boselli, Managing Director , chello broadband France
  • Jean-Pierre Dalbera, Research and Technology Mission Leader, Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • Xavier Dalloz, President, Xavier Dalloz Consulting
  • Jacques Delmoly, Head of DG X Unit - MEDIA Programme, European Union
  • Patrice Gommy, Vice-President, Marketing, Silicon Graphics
  • Alain Gresh, Editor-in-Chief, Monde diplomatique
  • Laurin Herr, President, Pacific Interface
  • Daniel Kapelian, New Media Mission Leader, SACD
  • Benoît Kuhn, Director of Publication, magazine Pixel
  • Alain Lediberder, Vice-President, New Programmes, Canal+
  • Cédric Lewandowski, Presidential Principal Private Secretary, General Directorat, EDF
  • Cécile Moulard, Internet Strategy Mission Leader, Executive Management, Vivendi
  • Philippe Quéau, Director of Information and IT Division, Unesco
  • Alain Rémond, Vice-President, Sales, Barco
  • Joachim Sauter, Professor, ART+COM
  • Claude Schiffmann, Head of Multimedia and Video Industries Department, CNC

Ina programme committee

Philippe Bailly, Jean-Michel Blottière, Gilbert Dutertre, Jean-François Gervais, Louis Laborelli, Olivier Lescurieux, Corinne Mégy, Geneviève Pichon.

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