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Discover the Innovation Village 2000
or on the web site Panoplie for the year 1999.

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Reality Center

The electronic image - whether produced by computer graphics or data graphics, whether digital, interactive or virtual - has become a universal vector both for expression and work. The generalisation of image technologies has enabled many sectors of activity to become involved in specific developments. Our daily and professional life will continue to be dramatically changed by the uses of the image to a degree which is still unimaginable today. The flawless effectiveness the image achieves through its signifying power will renew the way we perceive our real world. The field of exploration, in terms of studies, research and experiments, is being strengthened as a result.

It is with this in mind that Imagina has invented the Innovation Village.

This space - both an alternative and a complementary feature to the conferences and the technology exhibition - will present innovative installations, experiments, applications and products created by companies, laboratories and universities as part of their development programmes.

The ambition of the Innovation Village is to discover, reveal and pinpoint new fields of experimentation, new experiences, and new systems incorporating virtual images.

These applications will be presented in Monaco from January 31st to February 2nd.

Who takes part ?

Applications may be made by any company or R&D department which has developed a new, innovative or original application which highlights the performances of new imaging technologies in the fields of art, animation, video games, the Web, TV, virtual reality, simulation, immersive systems, man/machine interfaces, cinema, museology, architecture, design, medical applications, etc.

Selection Committee of the Innovation Village :

  • Gilbert Dutertre / In charge of the technical and development organization of Imagina - INA / France
  • Pr. Koichi Omura / Omura Image Laboratory / Japan
  • Philippe Quéau / Director of the Information and Informatics Division - UNESCO
  • Gerfreid Stocker / Managing Director of Ars Electronica Center - Austria

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