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19th edition :
From January 31st to February 2nd, 2000 in Monaco
From February 2nd to 4 th, 2000 in Paris

Imagina, the forum of images beyond imagination, is an event organized by INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) and the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, devoted to the following fields :

  • computer-generated images and automatic animation
  • digital production and special effects
  • games and virtual communities
  • intelligent agents and extended reality
  • virtual worlds and cyberspace
  • webcasting
  • sound syntesis
  • architectural spaces
  • medical scanning.

Imagina reassemble professionals on four main activities :

- A Cyle of Papers, Panels and Workshops convening international specialists, and dealing with the most remarkable innovations in new image technologies and their applications in the following fileds : television, cinema, games, web, medical and architecture ;

- An International Animation Festival : the 'Prix Pixel-INA' Competition, enabling the public and a professional jury to reward every year the best international productions using these new creative tools ;

- An Innovation Village, a real 'laboratory of the future', presenting innovative installations, applications and products which ambition is to discover new fields of experimentation and research incorporating virtual images ;

- An Industrial Exhibition, the European rendez-vous of professionals in computer-generated images : computer graphics artists, designers, artists, cinema professionals, software editors, hardware manufacturers, industrials, service providers, researchers, scientists, students...

The event is also a place of innovations and of presentation of new experimentations and previews :

  • 1993 : Televirtuality in the Abbey of Cluny : reconstitution and virtual visit of the abbey,
  • 1995 : America's Cup : real-time and virtual follow-up of the America's Cup regattas in San Diego (Californie),
  • 1996 : The Renault Sport Spider : real-time and virtual follow-up of the car on a part of the Monaco circuit racing,
  • 1996 : The Stade de France : virtual crowd simulation which allows to anticipate the organization of access control points to the site information panels,
  • 1998 : Thierry Mugler's Virtual Fashion Show : with computer graphics, virtual models brought Thierry Mugler's dresses to life, with realistic, 3 dimensional movement of the materials,
  • 1999 : First world: 1st championship of the world of 'Dancing Baby' hall : 20 teams of experts in Video/3D clashed during 24 hours not-stop, to produce an original animation, putting in scene the Dancing Baby hall around a free and original scenario.

Beyond the annual event, Imagina :

  • helps to the diffusion of works using sequences of computer graphics and special effects, by taking part in about forty events and festivals in Europe, in America and Asia,
  • helps to the realization of programs or specific television broadcasts.

Imagina 99 in figures :

  • 174 journalists in Monaco : 60 French journalits, 68 international journalists from 15 countries (51 from written press + 17 from the TV press), 39 written texts, 3 TV aids, 4 radio aids
  • 150 journalists in Paris : 120 from the French press and 30 from the international press
  • 20 journalists from the on-line press
  • 1500 visitors in Monaco and 5000 in Paris
  • 98 speakers on 20 sessions (10 countries)
  • 520 submission works (28 countries) for Prix Pixel-INA Competition'99
  • 71 exhibitors (on more than 3000 m2)
  • The visitors of Imagina 99

By function

By Fields of Application

General Manager 14% 2D/3D Animation 21%
Commercial/Marketing 13% Broadcast/ Interactive Media 10%
Communication 11% Production/Post-production 9%
Artistic Manager 16% Graphic Design 7%
Research & Development 12% Virtual Reality 5%
Designers 13% Special Effects 5%
Production/Post-production 12% Simulation 4%
Others 9% Image Processing 5%
Games 4%
Architectural Imaging 4%
Medical Imaging 3%
Publishing 3%
Training 5%
Advertising Agencies 3%
Input/Output Devices 3%
Others 9%

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