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The Official Prix Pixel-INA Selection will be submitted for public vote on the 1st and 2nd of February 1995.
There will be two identical projections each evening, at 7:00 pm and at 9:00 pm.
The prizes will be awarded on February 3rd, during the final Imagina evening.

Imagina 1995 marks the tenth anniversary of the international Prix Pixel-INA competition.
Participation has been constantly growing over these 10 years. More than 500 works were submitted this year.

Leading audiovisual works using computer graphics techniques or digital special effects have been Imagina award winners. The greatest artists, directors and researchers, and the most talented students have thus won public recognition.

Once again, this year's Prix Pixel-INA competition will thrill its public with new emotions, discoveries and surprises. More "Images beyond the imagination" are indeed in store.

Prix Pixel-INA, a proven organization.

Works presented to the public per category during the first two evenings constitute the Official Selection decided by an international jury consisting of:
Philippe Quéau
Imagina Program Chairman, France
Ulrike Gabriel
Otherspace, Germany
Alain Chesnais
Project Director, Siggraph Paris Chairman, France
Takis Kyriakoulakos
Post Reality Executive Director, Greece
Michel Roosens
Head of Imagique, Belgium

After the projection, the public is invited to vote for the three best works per category. The votes are counted by computer: for each ballot paper, the work classed first obtains three points, the second two points and the third one point. The classification per category is obtained by adding the points.

The public vote is a much appreciated Imagina characteristic. The public attributes nine Prix Pixel-INA in the following categories: Fiction, Simulation, Visualization, Art, Music Video, Special Effects, Advertizing, TV Credits and Content Graphics, Schools and Universities.

Four other Prix Pixel-INA are attributed by the pre-selection jury: the Grand Prix Imagina, the Prix Pixel-INA for Research, the Prix Pixel-INA for 2D Animation, and the Prix Pixel-INA for 3D Animation.

Technical quality of the projections, a recognized Imagina tradition, ensures optimal viewing conditions for the public, and respect for the actual works.

Bourse de la Création Paul Ricard.

The Bourse de la Création Paul Ricard is granted to a young European creator from the "Schools and Universities" category.


Bernard Denimal

Société Ricard, France.
Tel: (33-1) 48 53 11 50
Fax: (33-1) 48 53 89 00

Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM.

The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM is granted to a French computer graphics creator for a highly original work.


Claude Rollin,

SCAM, France.
Tel: (33-1) 40 51 33 00
Fax: (33-1) 43 54 92 99

Mention Bande Sonore CST.

A technical jury will be convened by the CST to evaluate sound track quality of the Official Selection, and to attribute a special mention for the best work.


Daniel Le Conte des Floris

CST, France.
Tel: (33-1) 47 20 96 39
Fax: (33-1) 47 23 09 94


A professional jury will award a Schools and Universities prize and an Industrial prize to a work using 3D Studio and Animation PRO software.


Ecoutez Voir
Tel: (33-1) 41 06 90 90
Fax: (33-1) 47 39 26 95

Prix Fiction de la SACD.


SACD, France
Tel: (33-1) 40 23 45 16
Fax: (33-1) 45 26 74 28

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