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Rencontres : The Architect's Relation to Computer Graphics

Organized by the Conseil de l'Ordre des Architectes of the Principality of Monaco.

Thursday 2 February
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Congress Center of Monaco
Free access

After a screening of virtual images applied to architecture (a 1980-1994 retrospective), two speakers will comment on the new relations established between the Architect and the CAD world, in terms of work organization and in terms of the imagination and its translation into computer graphics.

With the participation of :

Yves Michaud
Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts
Pablo Gil
Architect, in charge of the CAD department at the Agence Dominique Perrault, Paris.
The Agency's experience organizing the project for the Très Grande Bibliothèque Nationale, with computer-assisted design from the initial sketch stage up to the final plans of the completed construction.
Comments on the successive choices and implemented methods.
Comments on the successive choices and implemented methods.
Alain Sarfati
AREA, Architect and Urbanist :
CAD as a communication tool, invention between Architects and Clients; Critique and Perspective, a modified viewpoint.

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