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Round-Table Conference : Medical.

Full-Day session organized with the collaboration of France Telecom, FUJINON and PENTAX.

on the topic of :

Medical Imaging

Friday 3 February
Sporting of Monaco
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Participants :
Doctor Bady
Scientific Director of the Centre d'Imagerie Médicale Européen (CIME)
Doctor Levaillant
Scientific Director of the Centre d'Imagerie Médicale Européen (CIME)
Doctor Rey
Secretary of the European Board of Directors for Digestive Endoscopy

Doctor Delmotte
Manager of HIFI Communication, Lille Faculty of Medicine

Introducing virtual images into the realm of rigorist medical thinking may well constitute a perilous form of integration. Indeed, the mental medical construction has proved itself via a timeworn litany proning nothing but facts, touch, and exploration. In short, the real, tangible world, devoid of oneiric delirium.

Yet the image continues to act as an essential diagnostic and therapeutic tool. It invades our decision-making screens, undergoes technological evolution, and incorporates computer technology advances.

Digitization, synthesis and virtuality thus become authentic services, allowing definitive saving of documents and iconographic data previously relegated to the farthest recesses of the deepest basements.

It is not surprising to see "image creators" from the simulation and computer world invade the realm of medicine: vision of the body is also our everyday vision.

Nevertheless, the diagnostic, therapeutic and training assistance provided by new technologies must avoid the pitfalls of mere play on images, or of commercial uses.

The trap of simulation and virtual reality consists of imagining that we in turn are unreal and disincarnated, of imagining that shapes and curves have shaken off our mastery and are freely altering on monitors, far from the indispensable warmth of a flesh-and-blood, human relationship.

This full-day session devoted to medical imaging - analogic and computer generated - will be structured around two major axes:

The path adopted by the image from its creation (collection of images derived from real-time examinations performed on 3 sites) to its exploitation (image archiving, automatic analysis, remote file transmission by videoconferencing for diagnostic assistance, etc).

Teaching with 3D computer graphics created to simulate surgical acts or reconstituted from standard X-ray images for spatial therapy.

The session will end with a panel chaired by Alain Renaud, philosopher, grouping various medical and media experts on the theme of "new ethical problems related to diffusion and exploitation of the medical image".

Only through such knowledge can we master therapy and safeguard ethics.

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