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Workshops 1996

Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 February 1996

Virtual Environments
Coexistence, Communication & Collaboration

Organised by Eurographics 3rd edition
10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Hotel Métropole

Aims and scope

Virtual Environments are a significant step in man-machine communication. Easy to understand audio-visual presentations and intuitive interaction with computer maintained worlds have been demonstrated and evaluated during the past years. Now, World Wide Information Highways Infrastructure encourage experimentations in physically distributed but virtually shared virtual environments, and applications are showing up in training, assembly or medical research. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for scientific and technical discussions on coexistence, communications and collaboration aspects in virtual environments.

Main topics

Information and enrolment

Jacques David
94195 Villeneuve-St-Georges
Tel. : (33-1) 45 95 62 89
Fax. : (33-1) 43 86 74 11
Email :


Martin Goëbel
7 Wilhelminenstrasse 7
D-64283 Damstadt
Tel. : (49-61) 51 155-124 (secr-190)
Fax. : (49-61) 51 155-450
Email :

Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February

Sound and Music

10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Convention Center

For the second consecutive year at Imagina, IRCAM and INA-GRM will explore the potential offered by the most recent sound and music tools to create multimedia and virtual reality applications. The presentation of GRM Tools will open sound exploitation perspectives in a postproduction environment of the Protools type, to be completed by work on a tool for edition, analysis and processing such as AudioSculpt. These tools are used by numerous studios to generate special effects, perform compression and expansion, filter certain sound components (a voice in an orchestra), or for sound morphing purposes, as in the case of creation of the voice of the castrato, Farinelli.

Max for Macintosh, in the new version distributed by Opcode, tries to answer time control needs with the Time Line object, and to ensure communication with the Quicktime multimedia environment. It can now be interfaced with the FTS real-time motor for Spatializa-tion or reality applications. Examples from the Cités Cinés 2 exhibition (The Messenger) and the ISEA 5 exhibition (The Tunnel Under the Atlantic) will illustrate this presentation.

Interactive terminals made available for visitor consultation will present sample games and a virtual visit to IRCAM. Continuous video screenings will present exemplary sound-image creations such as "Imageries", children's stories by Varja Lavater with music by Pierre Charvet, "Farinelli", a documentary showing actual making of the film, "Le Dictionnaire des onomatopées", a film made by INA-GRM, and "Les Musicographies", a CD-ROM made at INA-GRM.

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