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1996 Prix Pixel-INA

The last edition of Imagina marked the ten-year anniversary of the Prix Pixel-INA competition.

This served as an opportunity to look back on early computer graphics and special effects masterpieces.

But Imagina is not a place for nostalgia: on the contrary!

This event is wilfully turned toward the future. The tremor that is currently rippling through audiovisual and cinema production using computer graphics and digital special effects is apparently going to last.

The Prix Pixel-INA seeks to be one of the melting pots of this production, and to reveal different forms of writing, unknown authors, and audacious projects. At the same time, it seeks to be the site of confirmed talent and major productions, and to give public recognition to the best firms.

The Imagina public awaits your works.

Pierre Hénon

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 (o) How to part ?
 (o) Awards list prix pixel-ina 1996

A quality of projection

To promote an encounter of these works, and allow the public to exercise critical awareness, technical and organizational means must be optimized.

The works selected by the jury will be processed by a fully digital processing chain (sound and images). The best equipment will be used for film and video projections, and a novel multidiffusion sound system will ensure uniform coverage of the show-room.

These measures will enable spectators to vote under the best possible conditions, and will ensure respect for the original quality of the works.

We guarantee rigor and quality:

Everything is ready to receive your works! We are expecting them on the best supports, Beta SP or Digital Betacam or, better still, 35mm film.

A tried and tested organization

Submissions are accepted until the final deadline of December 16, 1995.
A preselection is performed, under the responsablity of INA.
A European Jury is convened at the beginning of January 1996 to determine the Official Selection.
These works are presented to the public, per category, during the first two Imagina evenings.
After the screening of each category, the public votes for the Prix Pixel-INA.
Votes are computer-counted : for each ballot sheet, three points are granted to the work classified as first, two points to the work classified as second, and one point to the work classified as third.
The points are added to obtain the classification per category.
Certain beyond-category Prix Pixel-INA are granted by the Jury; this is the case for the Grand Prix Imagina and Research, 2D Animation, 3D Animation.
The Art category is comprised of videographic or cinematographic works and a selection of interactive installations.
The Prix Pixel-INA Games is chosen by a specialized jury from a selection comprised of the best games of the year.
These are presented for the three days of Imagina.

Jury Award, Award
per Category: Definitions
Fourteen prizes are awarded at the outcome of the Prix Pixel-INA Competition:

By the jury:

The Grand Prix Imagina.

And five in the following Prix Pixel-INA:
Research: works calling on new software concept equipment.
2D Animation: works made in keeping with traditional animation principles; animation of images generated on graphics tablets
3D Animation: works illustrating computer graphics possibilities in threedimensional character or facial animation.
Art: works with a powerful artistic impact, displaying remarkable aesthetic originality.
Games: works offering the best qualities in terms of scenario, graphics and interactivity.

Eight by the public in the
following Prix Pixel-INA categories:

Fiction : works with a marked narrative structure.
Simulation : works involving simulation, the exploration of the data bases, etc.
Visualization : works made to visualize scientific or architectural phenomena.
Music Video : music-based works integrating computer graphics or special effects sequences.
Special Effects : cinematographic or videographic works integrating special effects derived by computer processing or advanced digital processing techniques.
Advertising : advertisements calling on computer graphics techniques.
Credits - Content Graphics : using computer-generated images.
Schools and Universities : works made by students.


The works presented to the public in categories during the first two evenings constitute the Offical Selection, made by an international jury composed as follows :

Massimo Bergamasco
Professor at the Scuola Superiore Di Studi Universitari E Di Perfezionamento

Javier Bonilla
In charge of the short programs

Philippe Quéau
Imagina Program Chairman

Jacques Rouxel
Author Director

Evangelina Sirgado de Souza
Lecturer in Computer Animation
Bournemouth University
Great Britain

Special awards

Bourse de la Création Ricard S.A.

The Bourse de la Création Ricard S.A. is granted to a young European creator in the "Schools and Universities" category.

Bernard Denimal
Ricard S.A., France
Tel. : (33-1) 48 90 11 53
Fax. : (33-1) 48 53 89 00

Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM

The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM is granted to a French computer
graphics creator for a highly personal work.

Claude Rollin
SCAM, France
Tel. : (33-1) 40 51 33 00
Fax. : (33-1) 40 51 33 81

Prix international du scénario de la SACD

The SACD Award for the best scenario is granted to the work of an author characterized by excellent narrative structure.

Agnès Chaniolleau
SACD, France
Tel. : (33-1) 40 23 45 16
Fax. : (33-1) 45 26 74 28

Mention Bande Sonore CST

A technical jury will be convened by the CST to evaluate quality of the sound tracks of works in the Official Selection.

Michel Baptiste
CST, France
Tel. : (33 1) 47 20 96 39
Fax. : (33 1) 47 23 09 94

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