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The forum of images beyond imagination

February 21, 22, 23 1996 Monaco


Tables Rondes

Prix Pixel-INA




1981 1996

Fifteen years have elapsed since birth of the "International Forum of New Images" at the initiative of the International Television Festival and the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel. In those days, a single meeting room was all that was needed. There was no exhibition and no Prix Pixel-INA competition.

Today Imagina continues to act as a mirror for research, creation and industrial development in computer graphics and special effects. Imagina's task is to anticipate the future. The Imagina organizers have undertaken a number of innovations to celebrate this year's fifteenth birthday in style:

  • Imagina 1996 will pitching its tent on the Boulevard Albert Ier, to host its industrial visitors in a huge, comfortable space.

  • Imagina 1996 is also taking over Monte-Carlo's big top, the famous International Circus Festival venue, for evening screenings of the Prix Pixel-INA.

  • This new organization will enable Imagina 1996 to offer participants an environment propitious for following up digital image applications (in cinema, industry, medicine, architecture).

    The Convention Center will continue to host the Conferences, Tables Rondes, Rencontres and Workshops. Monaco hotel conference facilities will cater for Meetings and Debates.

    Imagina is changing, and at the same time upholding its traditional values, namely its legendary atmosphere of warmth and contact, and the excellent technical quality of its screenings.

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