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TRANS ARCHITECTURE: an exhibition presenting the computer graphics works of 12 architects

ARVESTER - Real-Time Computer Graphics Virtual Reconstitution of Logging

Wednesday 19, Thursday 20, Friday 21 February

HALL IMAGINA from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

It's time to go on a virtual stroll through a forest at IMAGINA !

A host of applications have cropped up between sophisticated military simulations and those encountered on an everyday PC.

The activities in the realm of images developed by the Cluny Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts

et Métiers (ENSAM), a Center of Research and Technology Transfer, are focussed on scientific applications.

In 1994, a Burgundy-based forestry training center entrusted Cluny ENSAM with the projet of developing a logging simulator. Indeed, newcomers to this sector can encounter real dangers, in addition to other setbacks such asmaintenance, servicing and on-site training costs.

Today, the Logging Simulator, managed by software and a supercomputer ensuring real-time graphic simulations, is a leading edge pedagogical tool.

The trainee enters a logging cabin installed on an autolifter, and travels through a pine forest to proceed with tree felling operations. All natural phenomena are virtually reconstructed (the terrain, the sound environment, collisions). The actuators used to move the machine are interfaced with the graphics calculator. A trainee assessment system is linked up with the pedagogical tool.

This project was enthusiastically encouraged by professionals working in the lumber sector, and by the builders of this type of machine. In particular, the project became reality thanks to financial assistance from the BURGUNDIAN REGIONAL COUNCIL and European funding authorities.

Virtual Discovery
of the Belgian
Artistic Heritage

Wednesday 19, Thursday 20, Friday 21 February

HALL IMAGINA from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Thanks to virtual technologies, you can now discover a fabulous collection of contemporary Belgian

paintings and sculptures. The collection owned by the Crédit Communal de Belgique (a leading Belgian bank), begun over a

hundred years ago, offers a vivid panorama of this century's art movements.

This private collection, previously of limited access, has opened its doors to a much wider public by becoming a travelling virtual exhibition: the gallery has been recreated as an interactive world, using the latest 3D simulation technologies.

Imagina visitors will thus be able to wander through the art gallery, and call up the individual works to find out more about their history.

Imagina will be a world premier for yet another event: cybertourists interested in architecture will be able to visit a virtual reconstitution of the Grande Place in Brussels, designated cultural capital for the year 2000 !

Réalisation :

DE PINXI, (Belgique).

Contact: DE PINXI

* Philippe Chiwy,

Av. Huart Hamoir 54, B-1030 Brussels,

* 32 2 245 75 01,

fax 32 2 215 72 06,, e-mail :

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