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Prix Pixel-INA

The Official Selection of the Prix Pixel-INA will be presented to the public on the Evenings of February 19th and 20th 1997.

The Award Ceremony will take place on February 21st during the Final imagina Evening.

Every year, the Prix Pixel-INA reveal new artistic trends and novel technological developments, and confirm professional competence while opening up the terrain for young creators.

1997 has amply borne out this competition's success. Over 500 works were submitted by about 30 countries, indicating that the Prix Pixel-INA has become a prestigious international event.

In the magic setting of the big top put up for the International Circus Festival, the public is invited to take part in this feast of "images beyond imagination".

Competition rules

How to part

Prix Pixel-INA, organization built upon experience

The works presented to the public in categories during the first two evenings constitute the Offical Selection, made by an international jury composed as follows:

After each screening, the public is invited to vote for the Prix Pixel-INA in each category. Votes are counted by computer: for each bulletin, the work classed first wins three points, the second wins two points, the third wins one point. The Prix Pixel-INA for each category corresponds to the final count.

The public vote is an appreciated feature of this event.

The audience in fact awards ten Prix Pixel-INA in the following categories:

Four other Prix Pixel-INA are attributed by the pre-selection jury:

Imagina screenings are famed for their technical quality,which guarantees optimal viewing conditions for the public, and full respect for the authors' works.

Special awards

Bourse de la Création Ricard S.A.

The Bourse de la Création Ricard S.A. is granted to a young European creator in the <<Schools and Universities>> category.

Contact : Bernard Denimal
* +33 01 48 90 11 53
Fax +33 01 48 90 11 90

Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM

The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM is granted to a French computer graphics creator for a highly personal work.

Contact : Claude Rollin
SCAM, (France)
* +33 01 40 51 33 00
Fax +33 01 40 51 33 81

Prix international du scénario de la SACD

The SACD Award for the best scenario is granted to the work of an author characterized by excellent narrative structure.

Contact : Agnès Chaniolleau
* +33 01 40 51 44 44
Fax +33 01 45 26 74 28

Prix Média for the Best European Creation

This award will be granted to the European Production which has scored the highest number of spectators votes.

Mention Bande Sonore CST

A technical jury will be convened by the CST to evaluate quality of the sound tracks of works in the Official Selection.

Contact : Michel Baptiste
* +33 01 53 23 90 80
Fax +33 01 47 23 09 94

Alain Guiot Endowment

In this manner, friends and kin of the belated Alain Guiot, Videosystem's and Medialab's founder, wish to uphold his action in favour of young people investing in new areas with a rich potential future.

Espace MEDIA promotion

CREATORS AND PRIX PIXEL-INA Media: a programme of the European Union

A new feature in 1997 will be presentation of a programme selected by the Prix Pixel-INA European Jury, at the Espace Image.

This space is equipped with excellent projection facilities, and provides very comfortable screening conditions.

The public will thus be able to discover a programme divided into categories, representative of all the submissions.

This programme will be screened in addition to the official selection.


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