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Wednesday 19 February

2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Simultaneous translation into English and French

Organized in collaboration with the Monaco Conseil de l'ordre des architectes, the Institut Horta-Architecture et Prospective and the ARCA review.

TRANS ARCHITECTURE: an exhibition presenting the computer graphics works of 12 architects

This half-day session will focus on four main subjects:

J.P Leclerc / Ensad'96
AII Informatique

3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Simultaneous translation into English and French

organized in collaboration with


What access for On-Line Information?

The content and cost of information is increasingly central to the philosophy of Internet Development.

Moderator :

<<The craft>>
Kelley Ray - Sony Pictures Imageworks
(Etats-Unis / USA)

10.00 am to 1.00 pmi


In collaboration with CST, AES and EUPHONIA

For the first time, Imagina is organizing a panel dealing with the problems posed by sound associated with computer graphics.

This panel aims to present recent tools and thus make them available to the creators of virtual worlds. It also aims to provide indications on future lines of development for processing and reproducing 3D sound, which is playing an increasingly important role in the realm of images.

Cécile Leprado and Michel Fano will discuss new artistic approaches to production and post-production of computer sound, stemming from new technologies. In the field of psychoacoustics.

Soren Bech will present the findings of eight years' research into the perceptive interactions between sound and image.

Bruno Suner will speak about new virtual acoustic techniques which open up the way toward real-time sound spatialization, from recording to reproduction.

A novel headphone for 3D spatial sound rendering will be presented by Florian Konig; this system may lead to fascinating new joint applications with HMDs.

Durand Begault, NASA research director, will deal with new communications perspectives in 3D sound space for multimedia and Internet applications.

Finally, the totally original multistandard, multisource sound reproduction system especially developed for the Prix Pixel-INA by Patrick Thévenot (Head of the Acoustic Laboratory at the INA Professional Training Division) will be presented and analyzed in detail. Particular emphasis will be placed on its complete compatibility with the various current sound reproduction standards (mono, stereo, and Dolby surround).

A number of sound demonstrations and illustrations will highlight this session.


* Michel Fano

CST (France)

<<New sound technologies and conceptions>>

* Cécile Leprado,


Author of the CST 96 award-winning sound track, creator of the sound for <<Bruge>> and <<Cité Antérieure>>.

<<Toward a third territory between music and sound effects: hybrid areas>>

* Soren Bech

Bang and Olufsen


<<Subjective measurement of the interaction between the audio and visual factors in a home theater system>>

* Bruno Suner



<<Virtual acoustic techniques>>

* Florian Konig,

ULTRASONE electroacoustics


<<A dynamic 2/4/6 channel headphone technique for spatial auditory events>>

* Duran Begault

NASA Ames Research Center


<<Multimedia and 3D sound : an introduction>>

* Patrick Thévenot


<<Multistandard sound reproduction system using sound sources with controlled directivity and acoustic power>>

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