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February 19, 20, 21 Monaco


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Prix Pixel-INA




Imagina's growing success and substantial development over the past few years led us, in 1996, to set up a new organization centered round three main sites, each dealing with a specific activity : The Congress Center, for Lectures and Panels.
The Imagina Hall, an Exhibition space for industrialists, service companies, authors' companies, and media professionals.
The Fontvielle Big Top as a rallying point for the Imagina public each evening, for the Prix Pixel-INA competition. This organization is carried over in 1997.
Some of our regulars look back wistfully to the old days when imagina's public numbered a mere thousand. But today the digital image market is here, industrialists are steadily extending the hardware and software offer, the American Majors are interested in European talents, and computer graphics training programmes are sprouting up all over Europe.
To satisfy our faithful imagina public, we are inviting the best international specialists, and ensuring that technical quality of our sound and image projection systems is of the best possible quality.
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