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NET TV 2.0

Wednesday 4 March from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Convention Center: Auditorium

Key players in the media and information technology sectors are watching the convergence of the Internet and television with great interest.
Could this convergence imply the collaboration or fusion of these two systems?
How can we bring the Internet to the General Public, who claims that their television set should be a lasting and easy-to-use object?
Will this new form of enhanced television that we are promised, by its very nature, renew even the viewer's experience? What æsthetic forms will materialize through the merging of personalized content and fluidity brought about by high-speed transmission?
What economic models will govern these new services?

Philipp Hoschka
- INRIA / W3C [France]
"Making the web come alive"

Paul Ayre
s - RealNetworks [USA]
"Video on the Net"

Jacques Saubade
- COM One [France]
"Internet's democratization: Images at the service of the Web"

Julien Signès
- France Telecom Research and Development [USA]
"MPEG-4: The convergence of Multimedia representation"

Christine Harris-Smyth - Net channel [United Kingdom]
"PC/TV Convergence"



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