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Thursday 5 March from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Convention Center: Auditorium

Veritable personal assistants, autonomous agents are there to assist users in their daily tasks. Pedagogical agents take the form of virtual announcers to guide the user, while Virtual Actors are there to play with the spectator/viewer. If their "intelligence" is useful, their behaviour plays a primordial role in the interface. The challenge therefore is to give them a "real personality", with emotions, humour and social, spontaneous behaviour.

Elysabeth André
- DFKI GmbH [Germany]
"The PPP-Persona project: toward a highly personalized user interface"

Kenji Mas
e - ATR Media Integration et Communications [Japan]
"Life-Like Agents"

Barbara Hayes-Roth
- University of Stanford [USA]
"Virtual Theater"

James C.Lester
- University of North Carolina [USA]
"Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction"

Rosalind Picard
"Towards Agents that recognize emotion"

Yves Grotet - Appeal [Belgique]
"GAIA : a behaviour simulation system applied to videogames"



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