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Thursday 5 March from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Convention Center: Auditorium

What was once myth is today a reality: our machines are coming to life. Combining technology issuing from artificial and genetic intelligence, the illusion, not to mention the emotion, is nothing short of astonishing.
The invasion of digital creatures is well underway. Some group together in a community, others rival our greatest cinema stars.

Ken Perlin
- University of New York [USA]
"Improvisational virtual actors"

Michele Covell
- Interval Research Corporation [USA]
"Le projet Video Rewrite"

Philipp Sheppard
- British Telecom Lab [United Kingdom]
"Talking Heads and Synthetic Persona Projects"

Yotto Koga
- The Motion Factory [USA]
"The Motivate Intelligent Digital Actor System"

David Kurlander
- Microsoft [USA]
"Le projet Persona"

Ferdi Scheepers
- CSIR [South Africa]
"Anatomy-Based Modeling of the Human Musculator"



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