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37, rue d'Amsterdam
75008 PARIS
Tél. : 33-(0)1 53 25 13 25
Fax : 33-(0)1 53 25 13 26
E-Mail :

Contact :
Benoît Kuhn - Publisher
Pascal Guénée - Editor in Chief
Dominique Choin - Advertising Sales manager
Stéphane Limousin de Neuvic - Advertising Sales manager

PIXEL SA is a publishing house with magazines, etc., for professionals in the computer graphics fields. Among its publications :

  • PIXEL, the magazine for 3D and digital video

Every other month : digital animation, special effects, post production, CAD/CAM, etc. News, benchmarks, creativity articles... and a special technical supplement. On the accompanying CD Rom, the best available 3D pictures illustrate the articles of the magazine.

  • CRÉATION NUMÉRIQUE: computer graphics, desktop publishing, off-line and on-line editing

Every month, news, technical benchmarks, a hands-on section and creativity columns. With each issue, a CD Rom with several hundred pictures ready for lay-out

  • The " REPERTOIRE ": a comprehensive guide and professional directory (+ CD Rom)

All actors, all fields pertaining to digital images: creation studios, manufacturers and distributors, post-production companies, off-line and on-line publishers, etc. Over 4000 references.




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