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As a partner in Imagina 1998, EDF will present a 3D visual reconstruction of the funerary complex of Pepi I of Saqqara, Egypt, and the use of the three-dimensional laser scanning (Soisic Sensor) for reproducing fragile works of sculpture.

1. Visual reconstruction of the funerary complex of Pepi I of Saqqara

In 1987, in collaboration with the French archeological expedition in Saqqara, EDF conducted a geophysical campaign to locate the subsoil remains of the pyramids of two queens, wives of Pepi I.

Based on information provided by EDF, over the past ten years the archeologists exhumed not only the two pyramids they were looking for but also those of two other wives, who were previously unknown. Our scientific and technological sponsorship enabled us to assist the archeologists in their work and the complete exhumation of the funerary complex enabled them to advance our historical knowledge of the period.

Based on the archeological and architectural discoveries made in Saqqara, EDF, with the assistance of the head of the expedition, Audran Labrousse, Director of Research at the CNRS, was able to create a 3D visual reconstruction of the site as it was being built.

The work of recreating the funerary complex of Pepi I is the continuation of activities begun by EDF nearly ten years ago. These include the visual reconstruction of the temples of Karnak and Luxor in Egypt, the courtyard of the Louvre, the bridges of Paris, Place Stanislas in Nancy, the amphitheater of El Jem in Tunisia, and the sanctuary of Marmaria in Delphi.

2. Three-dimensional laser scanning for reproducing fragile works of sculpture

EDF will also present a 3D laser scan of a sculpture and its reconstruction in synthesis images. By transferring data sets from locations in three different countries to stereolithography units, we were able to reproduce this work of art without mechanical contact.

This presentation will help us demonstrate that reproductions of fragile antique statuary can be obtained for research or exhibition purposes. The presentation is the continuation of experiments conducted during the reconstruction of the sanctuary of Marmaria, where sculpted building elements had been scanned by 3D laser and integrated in the database.

At Imagina 1993 EDF presented a high-definition film about the reconstruction in 3D images of the two-thousand-year evolution of the temples of Karnak and Luxor.

At Imagina 1996 EDF presented a lifelike reconstruction of the prehistoric grotto of Cosquer.

At Imagina 1997 EDF invited participants on a stereoscopic visit to the sanctuary of Marmaria, reconstructed from synthesis images.

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