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Multimedia by France Telecom

France Telecom is one of the most active participants in multimedia today. By the early 1980s we were the first telecommunications carrier to have created an infrastructure that allowed publishers to develop on-line services and broadcasters to develop radio and television programs.

Through the convergence of technologies from three major fields&emdash;telecommunications, information technology, and audiovisual technology&emdash;France Telecom provides solutions for a broad array of suppliers developing multimedia services for different markets. These include co-location (videotex and Web services), distribution over a variety of telecommunications networks, including Wanadoo, France Telecom's Internet access service, and the coproduction of both off- and on-line content.

Our goal is to create a true multimedia economy and we have added to these services our own e-commerce platform for secure transactions. Known as TeleCommerce, it allows buyers and sellers around the world to purchase goods and services from one another.

These developments follow our work over the past five years developing the Viaccess access control system. Viaccess is a flexible pay TV service (subscription, per-view, or hourly usage plans are available), which has made it possible to introduce new satellite and cable programming to nearly all parts of the globe in both analog and digital formats.

Aside from its role as a carrier, supplying different forms of access to telecommunications networks (PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, cable, satellite), France Telecom also provides phone books and guides that make it easier for users to access our services.

France Telecom is prepared to help businesses in France and around the world tailor their marketing efforts to individual multimedia markets. This will enable them to meet the needs of existing customers and expand the recognition of their services among future clients.

The official telecommunications carrier for the World Cup in 1998 and exclusive carrier of images and sounds for TVRS 98, France Telecom is also providing on-line services for these events. To facilitate access to information that will serve both the general public and participants in this event, we have installed a variety of multimedia services for a wide range of users: organizers, tourists, soccer fans, etc.

For additional information visit:

France telecom Dominique Lamiche 103, rue de Grenelle 75700 paris

tel : 01 40 63 44 73 fax : 01 45 55 90 17



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