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From one year to the next, the fame of the Prix Pixel-INA is growing steadily.
The Prix Pixel-INA competition is synonymous with creativity, discovery and diversity. Many productions by independent artists, small studios and students proved to be worthy rivals for the << majors >>.

Organization built upon experience

The productions are presented to the public in categories during the first two evenings constitute the Official Selection, made by a jury composed as follows:

Valérie Delahaye
Head of 2D/3D and Computer Design Production (Behaviour Productions Company, Canada)

Virginie Guilminot

Nicola Kingham
Independent Producer (UK)

Kirsi Kinnunen
Co-director of Tampere International Short Film Festival (Finland)

Maria Grazia Mattei
Director of MGM Digital Communication (Italy)

The Official Selection of the Prix Pixel-INA will be presented to the public on the evenings of January 18th and 19th 1999.

The Award Ceremony will take place on :
January 20th during the final Imagina evening.

After each screening, the public is invited to vote for the Prix Pixel-INA in each category.

For each bulletin, the work classified first wins three points, the second two points and the third one point.
The Prix Pixel-INA for each category corresponds to the final count.

The public vote is an appreciated feature of this event

The audience in fact awards the Prix Pixel-INA in the following categories:

  • Fiction
  • Simulation-Visualization
  • Theme Park
  • Music Video
  • Special Effects
  • Art
  • Games
  • Advertising
  • Credits-Content Graphics
  • Schools & Universities

Three other Prix Pixel-INA are attributed by the jury:

  • Grand Prix Imagina
  • Prix Pixel-INA Research
  • Prix Pixel-INA 3D Animation

Imagina screenings are famed for their technical quality, which garantees optimal viewing conditions for the public, and full respect for authors' works.

Awarded by the partners:

  • Prix Media for the best European creation
    This award will be granted to the European production which has scored the highest number of spectators votes.
  • Prix Créagina: an initiative by Infogrames Entertainment
    By awarding the Prix Créagina to an original work presented in the << Schools & Universities >> category, Infogrames Entertainment, European leader for the creation, production, publishing and distribution of interactive leisure programmes, confirms its intention to encourage a young European talent for the quality of his or her creation.
  • Prix SACD
    This price is awarded for an innovative work in terms of narration, creation and production.
  • Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM
    The Prix 3e Dimension de la SCAM is granted to a French computer graphics creator for a highly personal production.
  • CST-SACEM Soundtrack Award
    A technical jury will be appointed by CST, in partnership with SACEM, to make a special award for the quality of the soundtrack in works chosen for the Official Selection.
    The "CST-SACEM Soundtrack Award" carries with it a prize of FF15,000 donated by SACEM.
  • Dotation Alain Guiot
    An endowment of FF 30.000 will be granted to the Prix Pixel-INA winner in the Schools & Universities category. In this manner, friends and kin of the belated Alain Guiot, Videosystem's and Medialab's founder, wish to uphold his action in favour of young people investing in new areas with a rich potential future.



Prix Pixel-INA





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